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By Linda Lemmon
Town Crier Editor
POMFRET — The original goal for the capital campaign, Building for Community, for an addition to the Pomfret Public Library was $500,000.
But Marc Archambault, vice chairperson along with his wife Mary Archambault, set a higher goal, $750,000 in donations and pledges. “I thought $750,000 would allow for more ‘cushion’,” he said.
And not only is the campaign fast approaching that higher goal, but it’s ahead of schedule.
To be awarded a grant from the Connecticut State Library, the campaign must have 70 percent of the funds in hand by November 2021.
Archambault said “we will have that by the end of this year.” By the end of this year the group will be able to put in for grants which will “get the ball rolling with plans and more.”
The addition is projected to be finished in 2023 but Archambault said “it would be awful nice to finish it before that.”
The addition, which will be constructed off the right side and the back side of the existing library, will include 2,000 square feet of community space, designed and furnished for flexible use. There will be a lounge and café, conference room and archives, a great room, activity space, restrooms, an art gallery, a patio extending the great room outside, rooms for booking after hours and technology.
Archambault said the library’s annual budget is $115,000 with town taxes providing roughly 90 percent of that. The balance is from donations, investment income and grants. Other support comes from used books and DVDs, felt and glue sticks, landscaping and book-moving brawn, music and poetry, the sharing of time, knowledge, skill and creativity and library users who love to talk about what the library means to them.
The library, which began in 1739 in the home of Rev. Ebenezer Williams, has 1,800 cardholders and about 10,000 visitors annually. In 2019 there were 196 programs attended by 2,100 people and a circulation of 16,400 items.
The current building was constructed by Mrs. George Bradley in 1911 in memory of her husband on land donated by Benjamin Grosvenor.
Mary Archambault said, “Libraries are important cornerstones of healthy communities and this expansion will serve to strengthen and grow our town.”
Kate Cerrone, chairperson, said “With more space, our little library can continue to be the fixture we all need.”
For more information on how you can help, go to or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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