Standing for
peace comes to Putnam
By Linda Lemmon
Town Crier Editor
PUTNAM — Moved by the troubles rocking the country, a group of seven quietly stood for peace and justice in front of the Putnam Police Department June 4.
The seven carried signs calling for justice and peace.
Organizers Kim Quattrucci, from out of town, and Stefanie Sudol of Putnam said they put the event together to” stand up for peace and equality. To make people more aware.”
The event was organized on social media. Quattrucci spoke while holding her sign which said “Know Justice. Know Peace”
Most cars passing on Church Street honked or waved in support.
Police Chief Christopher Ferace, moving in close to the group, thanked them for coming and making their peaceful statement. Mayor Barney Seney also thanked the group for coming and for being peaceful.
Group members said they had absolutely no problem with the Putnam Police and in fact asked to exercise their First Amendment rights at the police station because they felt safe there.
One said to the chief, “We’re here because we feel safe. After all, the Putnam Police protect and serve. We know you guys are great.”
Two pastors attended, as well as fire department members plus local and a few outside police department members.
Chief Ferace quoted Martin Luther King Jr.  saying: “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


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