I have always enjoyed watching a good Nature Show. I find these shows not only educational, but also, generally, uplifting in a humble sort of way.
I mean, who can resist watching, with bated breath, whether or not the little, teeny tiny newborn turtles will actually make it to the safety of the lapping waves which will carry them out to the deep blue sea? There are, of course, some turtles which do not survive but the narrator compassionately conveys that this is, simply, a part of the journey of life for these creatures, ultimately making it that much happier and fulfilling when we finally get to see the teeny tiny turtles who DO survive. This ‘root for the underdog’ strategy is the first part of the very essence of a Nature Show.
The second part of the essence of a Nature Show is in the scenery. The images of the habitats in the rain forests, deserts, mountains, oceans etc., are, for lack of a clearer word, STUNNING. I know, with certainty, that at my advancing age, I will most likely never get to these places in person, but I also know that with the advancements in film technology, why would I ever have to? I mean, I can’t even imagine how the photographers get some of these videos. How do they know that a fox, chasing an underground mole-like creature in the middle of a vast snow-capped vista, is going to run left and then straight and then left again? To me, it’s simply amazing watching the show because I am in awe of the simple and undisturbed beauty of a place which can infiltrate through my TV and subsequently permeate throughout my being.
Recently, I was watching a Nature Show when these two essences collided… The location was Madagascar and the newborn hatchlings fighting for survival were a breed of crocodiles. I am fearful of crocodiles as they are not cute like the little, teeny tiny turtles. And the invaders which gathered to systematically attack the newborn crocodiles were snakes! I dislike snakes even more than I dislike crocodiles. I don’t care if the snake is harmless and alone, I still scream and run to the nearest building I can find when I see one. Suddenly, I found myself in the middle of the pursuit (at least it seemed that way on my HD TV) and surrounded by thousands of snakes. My mouth fell open and I couldn’t speak. I suddenly felt stress in the pit of my stomach that I wasn’t prepared for. I didn’t feel like rooting for the baby crocodiles, but I could not believe how many snakes were slithering out from under rocks, behind boulders and from open tunnels that I didn’t even know were there. I mean, how in the world did the Nature Show photographers get this footage? Perhaps I could start a movement to make Nature Shows a category at the Oscars or at least allow them to be considered for an award?
Classification. Classification.
Kathy Naumann, possessor of NATURALLY curly hair and the understanding that you can’t control everything!


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