DJ Dormu wins
Mustang Mile
The undefeated season, the third national championship…it’s all in the rearview mirror now.
After a month-plus of workouts and open gyms, the boys’ prep basketball team will hold its first official practice Tuesday. But Monday morning marked the unofficial start of the new season, as the team ran the 10th installment of the annual Mustang Mile.
DJ Dormu was the winner, crossing the finish line in five minutes, 27 seconds. Wadeng “Pop” Wel finished second at 5:43, just a tick ahead of Tarique Foster at 5:44. Will Lovings-Watts (6:00) and Darryl Simmons (6:02) rounded out the Top 5.
Anyone 6-foot-9 or taller must finish in seven minutes or less. Everyone else must be in by 6:15. Those who does not finish in time must run it again until they do. This year however is the first time everyone crossed the line in time on their first run.
In the afternoon, the team played a spirited game of softball in lieu of being on the court.
“It’s a great way to kick off the season,” said coach Tom Espinosa. “They’re two great traditions that we have been doing for many years.”
Sotirios Nafpliotis holds the Mustang Mile record of 5:14, set last year.


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