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Campaign Leaders
The Roseland Park and Golf Course Legacy Campaign leaders include, from left, seated: Honorary Chairman Paul Kelly; Trustee President and chairperson of the Family Division Martha Beckwith; and Campaign General Chairperson John Rauh. Standing: Trustee and Community Division co-chairperson Jonathan Gradie; Campaign Coordinator Nancy Adams; Donor Relations Chairperson Pam Brown; and Major Gifts Chairperson Jeff Bond. Absent when photo was taken, Community Division co-chairperson Lynn Converse; and Corporate and Finance Division Chairperson Patrick O’Brien. Courtesy photo.

WOODSTOCK — As Roseland Park & Golf Course approaches its 150th year of service to northeastern Connecticut and towns in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Board of Trustees President Martha Beckwith recently announced plans for a Capital Campaign.
The Legacy Campaign “150 Years and Beyond” is aimed at restoring the Park and Golf Course as it was originally designed and envisioned by Henry Chandler Bowen at its opening in 1876.  The goal of the campaign is $500,000.  The improvement plan includes relocating and redesigning the main entrance to the park, highlighting the scenic beauty of the park and the majestic vista of the lake, and improving the roads and pathways for the safety and convenience of the thousands of organizations, visitors and walkers who use the facilities year round.  The park will also see renovations to the barn and boathouse, which are currently used as event venues.
Improvements to the golf course, which have been ongoing thanks to the work of numerous volunteers, include bringing the greens and tee boxes to modern standards and restoring the irrigation system.  Volunteers have been working on improving and widening the fairways and removing trees and overgrowth that have encroached on the fairways over the years.  The golf course clubhouse, which serves as a registration stop for all golfers and the upstairs facility, used as a meeting venue and event facility that comfortably accommodates 75 people, is also scheduled for modernization.  
“Mr. Bowen was a positive individual who was often cited in the New York Times and other prominent publications, as a man who enjoyed developing public venues for the enjoyment of others.  Our mission is to bring Mr. Bowen’s dream back to life for those who enjoy the facility today and those who will benefit in the future,” said Beckwith.
John Rauh of Pomfret, also a Trustee, is  the campaign general chairperson. Woodstock resident and Woodstock Academy graduate Patrick O’Brien is chairman of the Corporate and Finance Division. Jeff Bond of Woodstock will lead the Major Gifts area. Community Gifts Chairpersons are Lynn Converse and Jonathan Gradie. Beckwith heads the Trustee Division.  Woodstock resident Pam Brown will coordinate campaign materials, news releases, social media, donor events and recognition.  Nancy Adams of Woodstock is handling correspondence, record keeping and clerical coordination.  Paul Kelly is Legacy Campaign honorary chairman.
Wilson Martin, a former Woodstock resident and principal of Boston-area based GroundView, a park and garden design firm, has been engaged to present a visualization of a future Roseland Park.  The Firm will propose components to improving vehicular and pedestrian circulation, location of a new Main Entrance, parking, and improvements to lawns, operation areas, play areas and restrooms.  
“We have assembled a committed Leadership Team for The Legacy Campaign ‘150 Years and Beyond.’  The team is confident that it will achieve its goal for the needed revitalization that will make the people of Woodstock and northeastern Connecticut proud.  Our communities have a way of responding in time of need.  The Board of Trustees is confident that this effort will make a difference and demonstrate the pride of our generation,” said Beckwith.


PUTNAM — Mike Bogdanski has been appointed to the Putnam Economic and Community Development Commission.  The commission supports the commercial, industrial, agricultural, community and civic well-being of the Town by maintaining existing enterprises as well as encouraging growth of desirable development for an overall engaging economy and quality of life.


Legal Notice
Town of Pomfret
Planning and
Zoning Commission
The Pomfret Planning & Zoning Commission will hold the following Public Hearing at its meeting on October 18, 2023 starting at 7:00 PM.

1. Adam Lessard, 54 Jericho Road, special permit application for a detached 30’x60’ garage/carport on slab.

Town of Pomfret
Dated this 25th day
of September 2023

Lynn L. Krajewski,
Planning & Zoning Commission

Oct. 4, 2023
Oct. 11, 2023


Putnam Elementary/Middle
Every day: Fruit. Monday - elementary: French toast sticks, blueberry or maple sauce, sausage patties, hash browns. Monday - middle: Waffle sticks, blueberry or maple sauce, sausage patties, hash browns. Tuesday: Mozzarella sticks, marinara sauce, noodles, broccoli. Wednesday: Chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, vegetable medley. Thursday: Beef soft tacos, corn. Friday: Pizza, salad.
Putnam High
Monday: Chicken burrito power bowls or spicy chicken sandwiches. Tuesday: Italian meatball grinders or bacon cheeseburgers. Wednesday: Chicken tenders or chicken Caesar wraps. Thursday: Cheesey beef tot-chos or hot dogs. Friday: French bread pizza or buffalo popcorn chicken basket.
Woodstock public schools
Every day: Fruit. Monday: Chicken patties on wheat rolls, carrot sticks. Tuesday: Waffles sausage. Wednesday: Chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, wax beans. Thursday: Beef and bean burritos. Friday: Pizza, salad.
Pomfret Community
Every day: Meatball and cheese wraps, Yogurt Fun Lunch, Sunbutter and jelly. Monday: Lasagna roll ups, salad. Tuesday: Rodeo burger with BBQ and onion ring topper, fries. Wednesday: Soft chicken tacos, corn, refried beans. Thursday: BBQ chicken brown rice, carrots. Friday: Pizza, cucumber wheel salad.


To me, the word peep is interesting; mostly because, depending upon its context, it can elicit various feelings or emotional responses. For example, around Easter, a Peep is a marshmallow treat. Amongst large gatherings, wherein there is a need for silence, a peep is considered a noise that may disturb. Yet, the peep of a baby or even a baby bird, carries a softness and charm that endears. Finally, and perhaps my favorite use of the word peep, is its association with a ‘glimpse’. Typically, a peep at or into something considers having a look through a somewhat restrictive lens, such as a small hole or opening.
However, what makes this word so interesting to me is that I never consider having a peep at something as restrictive, but rather, as expansive. And to be even more specific, as a New Englander, never is this truer than in the fall when I become a Leaf Peeper.
As is always the case every year, the timing and coloring of the changing leaves is dependent upon the weather. Some years the Peeping begins early, while others, such as this one, the Peeping is a bit late. But, despite the variations to the peak of the Peeping, with certainty, the leaves can be guaranteed to perform their ritual of chlorophyll break down and give Autumn its colorful chemical panache. And when this starts to happen, I find that I not only open my eyes wide to take in the beauty of whatever Mother Nature provides, but I also feel that my heart and mind are more open to all that is (or could be) ahead…
As a writer, I could assimilate the lifecycle of a tree to multiple experiences, stages or things throughout our everyday lives. But I don’t really need to because Leaf Peeping accomplishes this on a much more personalized level. An October glimpse at my favorite tree, which once provided ample shade and cooling during the hot summer, reminds me that it may be time to knit a new scarf or light a pumpkin-scented candle. Or, perhaps, buy a new pair of winter boots. An October glimpse of the tree line view from the desk of where my computer rests, equally inspires me to consider trying a new recipe or writing a new story. Because, with the same reliability that I can count on that the seasons will change, Leaf Peeping in October brings about an inspiration that fills me with hope. Why else would so many others travel here to have a peek?
eyeFULL. eyeFULL.    
Kathy Naumann, possessor of NATURALLY curly hair and the understanding that you can’t control everything!


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